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When I first got into making money online in 2005, I was building websites for clients, mostly as a graphic designer. It was a comfortable way to make money by the hour, but I was clueless about marketing and didn’t even want to get into that, thinking it was too difficult.

Later I bought the Internet Marketing Center’s Insider Secrets course and joined the Internet Entrepreneur Club. I began to learn many things about how to get ranked in Google, write effective salescopy, and sell things online. I became a StomperNet fan also, through their product launches and the free content they sent me. This eventually led to becoming a Net Effect magazine subscriber. As you could guess, things really started turning around for me. It didn’t take long to realize that marketing can be practical, ethical, and profitable.

Over the years, I also learned solid principles from Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, and others, just in the free stuff they gave away. Probably the neatest thing I learned from Frank is the “Results in Advance” strategy: Build a relationship by helping people and giving away stuff, helping people get results before they give you a nickel. This is also somewhat similar to what I’ve learned from Jeff Walker in his product launch strategy.

I am phasing out custom website development for my clients and have my own websites that I am building up. My most successful website business in terms of sales, is Yoder’s Smoky Mountain Barbecue, where we sell revolutionary barbecue smokers, pig roasters, chicken cookers, and grills from Meadow Creek Welding in Lancaster County, PA. Our goal is to help people enjoy fun and easy barbecues for many years to come. I have partnered with another company to handle sales and inventory and it’s working out very well.

I enjoy sharing what I have learned (some the easy way, and a lot the hard way) about website development and internet marketing. Check out my blog for random tips and strategies on these topics.

My wife Esther and I make up the team here at New Creation Designs. We are thankful to God that He has made us new creations through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lavern Gingerich
New Creation Designs

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