How to Overcome Overwhelm in Your Business

Do you continually struggle with feelings of overwhelm in your business? In a time when there are product launches popping up all the time, amazing videos that move the free line like never before, and all kinds of articles and blogs to read, internet entrepreneurs need focus and direction to stay on track and not be overwhelmed.

I really appreciate the tips that Sterling and Jay from Internet Business Mastery share in their video, “Overcoming the Overwhelm”:

  1. Establish the top three goals in your business right now. Cut out training, blog posts, videos, tasks, and everything that doesn’t relate to those three goals right now. This will save you a lot of time and help you reach your goals faster.
  2. Base your business on good content. No matter what happens to the search engines or social media, this is one thing that will always work. Take focused time to create and publish good quality content.
  3. Consistently take focused action. Even 30 minutes a day can help you take your business to where you want it. List three things that are most important for you to accomplish today and at the end of the day make sure you accomplished those things.
  4. Build a support system. It’s important to get outside input and someone to talk to about things. Find a partner, mastermind group, and/or a mentor.
  5. Celebrate your progress! It’s easy to focus so much on the long-term goal, that we miss the small progress. Identify small milestones such as making your first dollar, launching your website, getting your first email subscriber. Stop regularly, even at the end of each day, and ask yourself what you’ve done that you feel really good about.

Hope these five tips are helpful to you. There is so much more to life and your business than to always be in the pit of overload and overwhelm.


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